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Mortar Mixer 6cu.ft.

Mortar Mixer 6cu.ft.

  • Manufacturer: Stone Construction, Inc.
  • Model Number: 1932

655PM Mortar Mixer has a 6 cu.ft. batch capacity, 1 1/2 - 2 bag capacity. This poly drum tow-behind mixer can be used to mix mortar, plaster, stucco, color blending and fireproofing - every mixing

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* Powered by Honda GX160, * 6 cu.ft. batch capacity, 1 1/2 - 2 bag capacity * Poly drum * Patented drum bearings and seals with unconditional lifetime warranty. * Patented removable bearing and seal housing makes servicing of the seals and bearing quick and easy. * Exclusive cowl provides 21% more volume of air to the engine. * Stay-level engine platform allows easy oil level checks, helps prevent low oil shutdowns. * Patented lift-away guard conveniently lifts away for easy cleaning. * Includes a Stone exclusive quick-pierce bag splitter. * Optional spiral blades mix four times faster than conventional blades for smooth color and additive blending. * High speed tires with extendible axle available on select models, allow the mixer to be taken through doorways.